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Performed By: YURIA

English / Romaji / Kanji


Someday, I want to share with you everything in my heart

That’s meant for you


Breaking out in a slight fever, my pulse throbbing

I don’t know when this started, but

Now that I’ve realized it, this feeling will never fade

Because I can’t lie about it anymore


Even if the circumstances of us meeting are nothing out of the ordinary

I still feel that there is something special about it


I’ll always be grateful to God for the fact that

I can be by your side

I’d love to be able to gaze at your

Confident face forever


The time we spend together

Gives me an unshakable strength

Someday, I want to share with you

All the words meant for you that suddenly come to my mind


The tentative touch of your warm fingers,

Some kind words, that’s all it takes

To make me feel wonderful,

Like I’m in a dream


Even if someday, we lose sight of each other,

Fate will keep bringing us back together again and again


Somehow, I want to be in

Your most precious memories

I want to share so much more

Of that world of yours that I’ve never seen


I want to grant all of your wishes,

Not a single one left unanswered

I can become anything for

Your sake, because I can believe in you


Like a bright and colorful flower,

This story will one day be in full bloom

And will echo in the wind with a

Vibrancy that will never dull


The time we spend together

Gives me an unshakable strength

I pray these words I have for you

Will reach deep inside your heart



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