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AKA: Round Dance Revolution

Performed By: Okui Masami

English / Romaji / Kanji


Let’s go on living stylishly and heroically

Even if we were to get separated

Take my revolution


In the sunlit garden, hand-in-hand

We comforted each other and vowed that

We’d never fall in love again


That bond was so powerful

It transformed us, and

Now our life is full of vitality

Every day, every time


In that picture of us

Standing cheek-to-cheek,

A bit of loneliness is filling our smiles


From tomorrow onward, I’ll become

Such a brave and stylish woman that everyone will stop and stare

Even if we were to get separated,

Our hearts will be one


I know it’s said that

Money can’t buy love, but

Can money buy a sense of self?

Those on TV say that indeed, it can

There’s no limit to our apathy, we’re not worthy of respect

That’s what people think of us young people and

It makes me feel so bad…isn’t there something we can do?

But, you know, we hold nothing

More important than our friends

Which is totally not what grown-ups do


Even if I’m kicking and screaming,

Reality keeps on coming regardless

For the sake of protecting myself,

I will not lose my sense of self-worth or the place where I belong


I’ll go my way, I won’t be able to come back

Before the time comes when we’ll each have to choose our own path,

I’ll release these

Precious, precious memories


Take my revolution, let’s go on living

Reality keeps on coming regardless

I wanna find my self-worth, the place where I belong

I wanna take the person I’ve been up to this point and


Bravely strip her down to nothing at all

Like a rose spinning unencumbered and free

Even if we were to get separated,

I will change the world



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