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Performed By: OxT

English / Romaji / Kanji


Searching for the answer

Where’s my soul?


It’s like a fear, like a bad dream

Even if I open my eyes, all I’ve got is bones

I’m in a panic? Get out, hurry

Oh, there are mysteries and miseries


Dead or alive, wavering and on the brink

Wandering about right to left to hell

An invitation to loneliness, the disappearance of emotion

I will dance – 1, 2, 3 steps on this dark stage


Raise your flag, march on, fight

I place my hands deep inside the mask, but there’s nothing but bones

Wars and swords, tears and blood

Without warning, the overflowing power within me comes out as mocking laughter


Searching for the answer

Where’s my soul? Where’s my heart?

I’m getting sucked into reality

Don’t hesitate, go this way

I don’t know and I don’t care

Is this power I’m displaying is a sham

Somehow, I’ll survive in this world

Ah – The pain I once thought was gone is aching again



The cold jet black sky at midnight

The darkness of night always drive me mad

Where is that star now? I found the star now

But it’s so beautiful; I’m so doubtful


Desire lives in the heart of confusion

If you take a look around at the sky and land and sea

There’s an invitation to climb higher – toward total domination

Ascend – 1, 2, 3 steps to the royal throne


Cast a spell, call them up

Soldiers whirl about, intoxicated with a sense of futility, calling out in despair

Shouts and barks, grief and death

Ruthlessly cutting down those quivering in fear


Hold on to that heartlessness and expose it

Break it all, take it all

What do I do with all that’s in my hands,

I just pray, or just play?

I can’t stop, can I

Holding on to these doubts that just won’t fade


I will take back everything I’ve lost

Ah – even if that, too, has been covered in madness

Crazy world


The heart I can’t see and the body I’m certain exists,

I swear on my life that I want to have faith in these things


Abandoning the answers and running

Where’s my soul? Where’s my heart?

Believe in that determination

Don’t hesitate, go this way

I don’t know and I don’t care

Whether this is a dream or reality


Somehow, I’ll survive in this world

Saa – as far as these feet will take me




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