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AKA: Coppelia’s Coffin

Performed By: Ali Project



In a town where

A black sun never sets,

Everyone, as if under a magic spell,

Goes about their business, silently


In a room

Of metal walls,

I sleep like the dead

Until the morning light


We can’t see you

Our eyes can’t see you

God of our Creation


Coppelia’s Coffin

People are puppets, tired from dancing,

Lambs at the altar

Where are these

Mechanical dreams leading to?


Soldiers are pounding on

The doors of neighbors


The end of the world


Thousands of fingers,

Bent and folded

Like wings,

Sending up their prayers


We won’t be able to meet you

We won’t be able to meet you here

God of our Salvation


Coppelia’s Coffin

The tears have already dried up

A loneliness starved of blood

Death dances, stirring up the

Fragrance of the soft hair of the angels


Despite that, I want to touch it

I want to capture it with these hands

This singular love that protects us all


Coppelia’s Heartbeat

To live is to know suffering

The shoes I had cast off are

Once again, without hesitation,

Stomping down that beaten path


Coppelia’s Coffin

O light born of darkness

Lambs at the altar

Where was the thread in my

Interrupted dream leading to?



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