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AKA: I Want to See the Very End

Performed By: Ringo Sheena

English / RomajiKanji


Pass through those mountains

To a place I can’t yet see

I don’t know what’s there

I want to find out


Walking or standing still, if we can’t move forward

Then, hey, let’s follow our natural instincts and

Take off running with all of our might now


Cross these waves

To a place I can’t see yet

I want to know meaning of my loneliness

I can’t resist


Swimming or floating, if it’s going to be this suffocating eternally,

Then, hey, let’s abandon these memories dripping with sentimentality

And start rowing away now


There was nothing to lose from the start

Pass through life

To a land without any actual pathways

My tears have dried and I want to know for sure

The end that is reflected in my heart




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