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If you’ve been reading my articles, I really want to thank you – it’s so much more enjoyable to write when you know that people are at least entertained, if not informed, by what you are doing.

Here’s what I’ve written so far this month:

Tasty or Tacky? This doll’s dress is what’s for dinner

meat dress 1

Awash in the lights and colors of traditional Japan at Meguro Gajoen’s brilliant summer event

wa no akari

Toy Story’s Little Green Men have invaded a popular Tokyo Disney summer treat

little green man

Wagakki Band breathes life into the Olympics with “Kishikaisei”

wagakki sakura tree

Soy Shape saucers add a third dimension to your sushi experience

soy shapes

The world’s first smart umbrella is the last umbrella you’ll ever lose!









Beloved manga Bleach comes to an end and fans are grieving

bleach finale

Naruto’s favorite noodle shop Ichiraku Ramen is real, and we just visited it!

naruto ramen

Looks are deceiving when it comes to these backpacks from anello, the new hot-item bags in Japan

anello bag


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