Kakushinteki Metamorphose! – English Lyrics

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AKA: Core Metamorphosis

Performed By: Tanaka Aimi

English / RomajiKanji


U-M-R! Hey!

U-M-R! Hey!

Not “Yuma”, it’s “Umaru”!

U-M-R! Hey!

U-M-R! Hey!

Not “Yuma”, it’s “Umaru”!


Always play around and take ‘em down with all your might!

As long as no one notices,

Enjoy life to the fullest, young women!

Now, c’mon! The life of a cute lazy lil’ sister


Plop my favorite hoodie on my head and lay around day after day

Favorite potato chips in hand, let’s zone out in front of the pc

When I stand, I’m like a Chinese peony – when I sit, a tree peony – and walking, a lily

Everyone’s jealous of my perfection – J/K!!!


I transform the moment I step inside my house

Let’s be laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!


The endless trio of eating, sleeping, and playing

Video games and I are bff’s

My big brother may be strict, but without a doubt

He’ll always forgive me

Extreme self-indulgence and “love” are different sides of the same coin


U-M-R! Hey!

U-M-R! Hey!

Not “Yuma”, it’s “Umaru”!

U-M-R! Hey!

U-M-R! Hey!

Not “Yuma”, it’s “Umaru”!


In public, I’m sweet as can be, today and tomorrow, too, I’ll play the part

My ever-popular smile is the weapon I use to keep my friends in the dark

When I stand, I’m in chibi-form – when I sit, a perfect circle – and walking, short and stumpy

A charming mascot to heal everybody’s pain!?


A party to end all parties!

It’s about to begin! (At last, tonight, too, it’s show time!)


Even though I try to act all adorable and refined,

Only my big brother knows better – I don’t want him to hate me

I’ll show him the gratitude I can’t just directly say


Argh! I take it back!  Nevermind!

Even big brother can’t know!


Just kidding!

Two hearts beating as one, two as one

‘Cuz, ‘cuz that’s what siblings are, right?

Just the two of us together

In the same boat

So today, let’s laugh and smile with abandon

Be inclined to enjoy ourselves

With an innocent smile,

Tighter and tighter, I’ll hold onto your heart

Is doing whatever you want and reliability different sides of the same coin?


U-M-R! Hey!

U-M-R! Hey!

Not “Yuma”, it’s “Umaru”!

U-M-R! Hey!

U-M-R! Hey!

Not “Yuma”, it’s “Umaru”!


Ok, that’s all!



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