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AKA: The First Star at Night

Performed By: Taneda Risa, Suzaki Aya, MAO, Tadokoro Azusa

English / RomajiKanji


Gazing up at the twinkling stars,

I’ve always been drawn to them

Tomorrow, in my dreams,

I want to try being in love


While I was begging for what I didn’t have,

Each and every single person

Taught me about happiness

Loving someone like you…



Now I’ve fallen in love

I wished on the first star at night

For you and I to somehow

Be able to be together forever


I know this is the beginning

Passionate love is misery

It becomes agonizing

But real love is exceedingly so


It’s because it’s something warm and gentle


If the crescent moon is shining,

Will my wishes come true?

Sweet, and just a little bitter

I want to try being in love


As soon as I can hear your

Heart beat a little faster,

I want to be honest with you

Tell you that I love you…



You taught me that

I could fly so freely

And it was so much more amazing

Than the future I’d imagined

I’d was so jealous about the most ordinary things

Now my open wings are flapping

At this point, I’ve yearned so much for you

That first star at night was smiling

Without a doubt, the two of us are

Destined to be joined together as one


Now I’m soaring through the night sky

I’ll become the hope

If I dive right

Into your heart


This warm and gentle happiness

This is surely must be what love is



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