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AKA: Because of You

Performed By: YeLLOW Generation

EnglishRomaji / Kanji


Those days when the cherry blossom petals fluttered in the air,

I set out with a smile


Bumping into each other on the platform at the train station, you waving to me –

Every morning was the same as usual


In a sunny classroom, we were bathed in sunlight carried in by a gentle breeze –

Remember?  The naps that lasted only an hour before we were woken up by the bell.


On the last page of an album that I haven’t seen in a while, one thing in particular stands out to me –

“Give it your all!”

Even now, those words keep me going.


Because of you, I was always smiling

Because of you, I can just be myself

Unbreakable bonds and memories that will never fade –

Eternal Way


While running my hands through the water under the faucet,

A perfect rainbow appeared in the mist.

I thought it would be fine as long as I could say those words at some point, but somehow,

After all this time, I still can’t.


We were living in a dream, weren’t we?

Those feelings back then weren’t a lie.

Neither of us will ever be to blame if some memories are lost along the way.


Because of you, my heart was heavy with tears.

Because of you, I can just be myself.

Our smiles keep us connected to each other even at this very moment.


Unbreakable bonds and memories that will never fade –

Eternal Way



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