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AKA:  Like a Small Light

By: Sayuri

Description: Ending (ED)

English / RomajiKanji


I was the only one who

Saw anything about you

Your past, your future

Your sadness, your happiness happiness

All of it


I believed that becoming an adult

Meant that I’d surely be kind

I’m the same way I was when I was a child


I want to protect things about you 

Though I awaken from the darkness

Something is waiting for me there

In the place town where we both hid,

There is a snow falling unlike anyone’s ever seen

You are like the deepest scar ever

Carved into my heart

I will get back the song of this world

That makes you laugh


Any clock in any room

WIll be just a little bit off, I suppose

Our words are like

Gears continually grinding one another


All alone, you cried

Making believe I was a hero,

With my broken hands,

I reached out to touch your cheek


I want to destroy things about you

In the valley of dreams,

The world is swollen with wicked prayers

The gentle fingers that were caressing me as if I’m something precious

Will start twisting

Only for my sake do

My powerless hands

Struggle towards

The faint light

Show me the way to

The future you sing of


I want to protect things about you

I believe,

Without a doubt,

In a the existence of a warm place

On the night when kindness has been devoured

By loneliness and has been buried in the white snow

You light a small fire in my heart

Like an old scar


Your song is like

A light that will awaken me from

The darkness in this world


I was the only one who

Saw anything about you…



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