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Performed By: Elisa

Description: Opening (OP)



In all of eternity, only one wish will ever be granted

Keep the future close to your heart


Your voice disappears into the darkness

I reached out my hand to you, but couldn’t reach you, so I chased after your shadow


I will run, even if the world hurts my heart

I will never let go of that hand in mine


You can fly anywhere with those strong wings

Find me hiding in your heart


You waver before my eyes, and I’m behind you

Wanting to tell you, wanting to call to you, but nothing comes out


Even if my frozen heartbeat destroys my body,

I’ll still be believing in your guileless smile


Hold close that wish we drew on that day

If you could turn the sound of sadness into courage


That melody would echo across the boundless sky

Those tears won’t ever be forgotten


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