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AKA: White Night

Performed By: Sakai Mikio

Description: Opening (OP) #1



Sorrow so great that light began to shine

Make your wings slice through the white darkness


Illuminated by the cold sunlight,

I had a tame kind of freedom

On that miraculous night, I began to remove the mask

Covering my soul and saw it reflected in the mirror


On the other side of the crumbling wall,

Hope and despair wear the same face

If your heart can’t be satisfied,

Then skip to the beginning of the end


In a world where the wind cuts like a knife,

What is it that I should be protecting?

Little by little, every time I experience suffering,

I get closer to truly knowing myself

Disappearing Fake Light

Coming to life True Light

In my hands…


Pierce through the darkness drenched in white

Let’s shape a new era

With a liberated heart,

Fly eternally through the endless white night


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