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AKA: A Song to Pass the Time

Performed By: Lia

Description: Opening (OP)

English / Romaji / Kanji


All I’m doing is staring at the sand falling in the hour glass

Notice if I turn it upside down, it will start all over again

I wonder if I a part of such a time

That only moves forward in bits and pieces…


When you passed by that hill,

The warm sunlight grew even stronger

I sit here alone,

Remembering its gentle warmth


Only you, it was only you

That I loved

The wind makes my eyes water and

Transports me faraway….


I’ll always remember

No matter what else might change,

There’s one thing, just one thing, and

It’s just an ordinary thing, but

I’ll show you that it’s fulfilled and shining,

And I’ll keep it safe forever


Even though it’s already spring, the chilly days continue

On the morning I woke up before my alarm went off,

I saw you standing there,

Making breakfast for the three of us


Only you, only you

Aren’t by my side

Up to yesterday, you were right next to me, looking at me


Only you, it was only you

That I loved

This song is one that I’ll sing

Only with you, only with you

That little bit of time was

Only ours, only ours


I don’t want to go on

Without you


I’ll always remember,

Even when the towns change,

No matter what kind of sorrow I encounter.

I’ll show you a time when I was truly strong.

So, here I go, walking on the road to that hill…


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