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Performed By: Lia

Description: Opening (OP)



Without mercy, you informed me that

The world is falling apart and coming to an end

What is it that you alone were hearing?

I was lost in a distant dream


What will I choose?  What will I give up?

Who am I to decide?

These decisions have already been made

And I’m asking god if there hasn’t been a mistake


I wasn’t all alone; you were always by my side

I’ll reach out my hand to you

There’s nothing to be afraid of

Even if I become a monster, I’ll finish what I started

Did making that day the last day

Make me stronger?

I was always a coward

You, always reckless


Will I go on or is this where I give up?

Who am I to say?

It’s already been decided that I’ll keep moving forward

And I’m asking god if there hasn’t been a mistake


I wasn’t all alone; when I remembered that,

I realized what it meant

No matter how much they take from me,

When I have faith in these hands of mine, I gain courage


I wonder when the way I see you changed

I wanted to be mixed up in the things reflected in your eyes

The countless difficulties awaiting us scare me

Because the only things I’m not letting go of are those which you’ve entrusted me with


Who am I to be playing god and

Why am I doing it?

Moving forward is becoming dreadful

I spit out at god, “I need a break”


I heard a voice asking

“Is that the kind of person you were believing in?”

It sounded like they were talking about else entirely rather than you

And I’m starting to get rather desperate

I wasn’t all alone; the things I hold in these hands

Are some kind of proof of that

I’ll cast off my weakness; for even if I become a monster,

I will be back




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