What do Evangelion, Sailor Moon, and Miku have in common?

I wrote about these things for RocketNews24 recently!  This has seriously been one of the best gigs I’ve ever had.  I hope you are enjoying my articles, too.  If you know of something cool that you think should have more eyeballs on it, let me know and I’ll see if it’s something I can write about.  Til next time!

On your mark, get set, and go with these Racing Miku 2016 stamps!


Youtube channel Make Food. Eat Food. will inspire you with creations based on Asian cuisine


Godzilla x Evangelion: Eva Unit-02 gets a shot of “G” cells


Better than a Ouija board: Spot Message helps you communicate beyond the veil


The Sailor Moon item that will officially turn you into a candidate for Hoarders!


Impress your Japanese history professor with this T-shirt


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Here’s what I’ve written so far this month:

Tasty or Tacky? This doll’s dress is what’s for dinner

meat dress 1

Awash in the lights and colors of traditional Japan at Meguro Gajoen’s brilliant summer event

wa no akari

Toy Story’s Little Green Men have invaded a popular Tokyo Disney summer treat

little green man

Wagakki Band breathes life into the Olympics with “Kishikaisei”

wagakki sakura tree

Soy Shape saucers add a third dimension to your sushi experience

soy shapes

The world’s first smart umbrella is the last umbrella you’ll ever lose!









Beloved manga Bleach comes to an end and fans are grieving

bleach finale

Naruto’s favorite noodle shop Ichiraku Ramen is real, and we just visited it!

naruto ramen

Looks are deceiving when it comes to these backpacks from anello, the new hot-item bags in Japan

anello bag


Why Haven’t I Done Anything in a Long Time?

Because I got a job writing and translating for RocketNews24!!

This has been a really exciting and thrilling time for me.  I never thought I’d get to do something like this.  As such, every month, I’d like to share a link to my articles with RocketNews24 – the topics are often silly and fun, but I guess that’s the kinds of things I want people to engage with anyway (including anime lyrics).

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projection map

Study and play with Pikachu-sensei in Yokohama!



Chrono Cross opening “The Scars of Time” played on the Otamatone is equal parts majestic, bizarre



A major Nintendo Developer Tool update means it’s on like Donkey Kong for indie developers!


cosmos rings

Square Enix announces RPG “Cosmos Rings” for the Apple Watch


minnie 1

Tokyo Disney’s first fashion dolls make their debut!


6nen4kumi sign

This classroom is not for kids: We went back in time at the elementary school pub!


hc cafe 2

Hello, Hello Kitty Café! It’s about time we got some kawaii here in the US!


cats in dish

Keeping your kitty cool this summer might be a little easier with this cat dish!


cup noodles trio

Hot dudes and hot noodle soup: Cup Noodles launches a sexy new campaign


wagakki sf

Wagakki Band’s newest video “Strong Fate” might just be the most epic one yet!



Who wore it better? LowCostCosplay takes on Overwatch’s Mercy and many more!



Pokémon Go at the American Embassy in Japan: A Police Officer Appears!


ramen chart

Are you nuts for noodles? If so, this Ramen Chart is for you!


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