Anime Music Vol 2. – The Good, the Bad, and the Weird

I’d ask you if you want the good news first, or the bad, as is the standard, but since none of this is news, I don’t think I’m beholden to that : D


So let’s start with the BAD.  And when I say bad, I mean any of these words are applicable:



I invite you to use any of these in your personal reviews of the following.


Rain City Rocker’s Anime EP

Yes, it’s free.  And as so many say, free is good, right?  In fact, when I bought a dozen doughnuts from Krispy Kreme yesterday and they gave me a gratis box of doughnut holes, I would have been in wholehearted agreement with that statement.



That is, until I heard this.  (BTW, you can hear it, too, and trust me, there is a reason it’s free – get it here, if you dare:


I suppose it’s a good thing that RCR made the album free – charging fans for this would have probably annihilated any fanbase they have.


Alright, exactly what makes it so bad?  Well, for starters, the vocals sound about as good as the video you accidently click on of someone karaoke-ing the Sailor Moon English OP that only has like 23 views since 2002 instead of the official verision, except that kid didn’t have the advantage of professional editing and mixing.


I hesitate to bash the actual voice of the singer, because not everyone has the same goal, desire, or ability to sing beautifully – and indeed, given the musical history of the members of this band, I might think they could care less about that, but it does matter to some extent.  The songs chosen intentionally and specifically lack complexity, which means they need one of two things to succeed – resonance with an existing fanbase (as the original versions had) or a KILLER voice to really make it shine.


Raon Lee and PelleK are great examples of voices that could probably make these songs somehow more than they are. (Check them out on this collab of the Mirai Nikki OP ->


Unfortunately, Andrew Conroy doesn’t have that voice.  It just comes out whiny.  Nasality is something you expect when you listen to a lot of JPop, but there’s a way of doing it to avoid that whiny sound and Conroy either wasn’t aware of the difference, didn’t care, or simply can’t adjust.


The other thing is…ok.  It is well within their means and rights to prefer the English OPs over the original Japanese ones.  Hey, everyone’s got an opinion.  Even I personally think the Sailor Moon OP in English is actually leaps and bounds better than the lame Moonlight Densetsu.


Sailor OMG

Sorry, Usagi, but I’m with Serena on this one.


In reality though, despite whatever nostalgia the English version may harken within us all, the songs are pretty pathetic (alright, maybe except Pokemon – it’s hard to hate on such a classic).


To that point, he says he’s an anime fan.  And I am the last person to question the level of somebody’s fandom (Ha!  Great Goldfinger song for that btw – -> “Miles Away”), but I can’t help but question either the true nature of his fandom or the band’s actual interest and taste in music itself.  There are a plethora of anime songs that are exponentially better than any of the songs covered, regardless of the language they are in.  In fact, there are songs that would have been better suited to the band’s musical aesthetic that would have likely made this EP suck less.


Too late for that, I guess.


I was excited when I saw that a member of Goldfinger was in this band….I kind of wish it was John Feldmann on vocals instead.


The music’s whatever.  Seriously.  I mean, they LITERALLY did the opening version of the songs, so they are only about a minute long….maybe that means I’M taking it too seriously.  Which may also mean that Arcade Sushi’s excitement about this seems rather fake.



Now I’m looking at those free doughnut holes and wondering if they are really all that great…

They were free for a reason.


Next time, I’ll talk about the Good.  (or the Weird, I haven’t really decided yet *^_^*)

~Sugoi Miro


What are some of your favorite anime covers?  Have you listened to this EP?  What do you think?  Leave a comment below!


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