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Aka:  Crimson Bow and Arrow

Performed By: Linked Horizon

Description: Opening (OP) #1

English / Romaji / Kanji


“Are you the hunted?”

“No! We are the hunters!”


Without ever knowing the names of the flowers tread upon,

Birds, fallen to the earth, wait impatiently for the wind


Praying doesn’t change a thing

Your readiness to fight is what will change the here and now


The pigs that ridicule our resolve as we climb over the corpses and keep pushing forward

In their simple-minded peace, their false prosperity…let them ridicule the freedom of the

starving wolf!


Overwhelming humiliation is the call to fight back; beyond the walls, the hunter who slaughters

the prey

Burns with a murderous rage; scarlet streaks in the twilight


The crimson bow and arrow


Arrow at the ready, chasing him down, I won’t let him get away

Firing arrows, tracking him down, he’ll never escape

Bowstring drawn so tight it might snap

I’ll keep firing until the bastard falls over, dead


Neither weapons

Nor skill kills your prey;

Rather, your own well-honed bloodlust


We are the hunters – Hot as flames

We are the hunters – Cool as ice

We are the hunters – One with our arrows

We are the hunters – Vanquish them all!


The only ones who can change anything are

The ones who can give up everything

You can make anything happen when you have nothing to lose


Foolish assumptions, mere illusions, now your reckless courage, too

The front line of “Freedom” – risky maneuvers

Victory goes to the scurrying slaves!


The absurdity of it all is the call to action

Eren, who wishes for the freedom of the stolen lands

As the bloodlust fills his body,

Purple light pierces the twilight sky


The bow and arrow of Hell


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