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Performed By: Lia

Description: Opening (OP)

English  /  Romaji /  Kanji


Another drowsy morning where I wake up and fall asleep over and over again

I tie my necktie tight, and

As I pass through the classroom door, I’m able to walk with my chest puffed out just a tiny bit

That everyday kind of wind blows by


I felt like I could hear it

Like I sensed it

In my trembling heart

It has already happened

Hundreds of millions of stars vanishing

I sent them off with

A wave of my hand and a

Good bye


While sweeping the hallway,

I thought I saw something peculiar in the corner

Although, for me, time has stopped,

It’s as if I am living through different days

And the dust settles around me like falling snow


I felt like it was waiting

Felt like it was calling to me

Trembling, I had a hunch that, now,

This moment found me

All those lost memories have awoken

The eternal


To my story


Before I realized it, you were taking off,

Pulling me by the hand

Yesterday, so distant; tomorrow, so close

This was so obvious, it made my heart leap


I had a feeling I could hear something

I sensed it

Trembling, I felt in my heart that

It had already happened by now

The new sun rising on hundreds of thousands of mornings


I felt like it was waiting

Felt like it was calling to me

Felt like it found

This trembling soul of mine

Like hundreds of millions of days,

I sent off the vanishing days with

A wave of my hand and

A “thank you”


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